Easterling Family History Book

Research for this book began over 50 years ago. Much of the early research was done by Roy White and Thomas E. Easterling. Shortly after the formation of the Society, the idea of a family history book emerged. Family Group Records were gathered and entered into the Personal Ancestry File database by Letson and Margaret Easterling. Henry W. Easterling, Jr. spent countless hours typing the information into WordPerfect. After 4 years of effort on the part of many people, our book of over 1,000 pages, indexed with over 20,000 names went to press in 1990.

Research is continuing and more family lines are being added to our database. A supplement to the original book is in the works. This will be a supplement only, and there are no plans at this time to reprint the original book. A limited number of books are still available, and a few will be on hand at the Annual Meeting and Reunion in Nashville,TN.

Family member Janet E. Smith is now currently working on the Addendum. Hopefully, her work will be completed by the end of the year, and when completed, a note will be sent out nationwide.


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